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 Stevens Appeal

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Posts : 230
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Age : 22
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PostSubject: Stevens Appeal   Mon Jul 09, 2012 4:10 am

Ingame name: Steven

Staff who bannned or muted you: Kemal Kaplan (banned me 3 times)

Reason*IF KNOWN*: Assessory Online Harassment

Your side of the situation: My friend was muted for no reason at all. kemal kaplan and sean found it as a joke or a prank. Kemal Kaplan told sean to mute him to scare him. which they had no right to do. so i unmuted my friend. and my friend heard why. so my friend scared him back. and got his items. and my friend was going to give his items back cause my friend "The Skill" Has no use for his items at all. but we left together cause the skill is in my bedroom and he uses my laptop while im in the living room on the main computer. Well me and him left to go to the store. i logged in and i got banned. then i logged in another account to see if enzo was online. then kemal kaplan told me to suck his dick and says he fucked me. he harrassed me then banned me agian. then i made new account to login and just do magic while i wait for enzo. then he banned me agian. 3 bans and i didnt even talk to him on the 3rd one.

Action you feel should be taken: Well as i was an assessory to what happened. i think i should be unbanned, And given my rank back. I am a nice guy and i do help people on the server. im like a veteran of this server and i like the people i work with and hang out with but sometimes people are just anoyying. well i just hope i get unbanned and re-ranked. i will say sorry to sean and i will have my friend give everything back. ill even try to make my friend give his account up.
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PostSubject: Your account has been permanently disabled.   Tue Jul 10, 2012 4:19 am

Your account has been demoted and permanently banned.
Also due to the evidence found, you are unable to re-apply for a staff position.

You have 4 days to reply to this message.

In the reply you must agree to an interrogation, and full explanation of the offense in which you received an infraction against your account. During the interrogation process your, actions/behavior will be taken into serious consideration. You must be on your very best behavior, any bad mouthing, over talking will result in further infractions towards your account.


Serious Online Harassment.

Dual logging two accounts on the same ip for malicious purposes.


Abusing authority.

Disrespecting players, fellow staff.



[08/07/2012]-[19:28:00 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: the skill took that from you.
[08/07/2012]-[19:28:36 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: if you want him to leave u alone.
[08/07/2012]-[19:28:43 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: tims crazy as fuck. he just is
[08/07/2012]-[19:29:18 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: what?
[08/07/2012]-[19:29:38 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: no idea
[08/07/2012]-[19:29:53 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: no

[08/07/2012]-[19:29:56 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: he knows how to find people.
[08/07/2012]-[19:30:01 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: idk how he does it
[08/07/2012]-[19:30:05 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: he wont tell me
[08/07/2012]-[19:30:38 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: mhm
[08/07/2012]-[19:31:11 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: nothing u can do.
[08/07/2012]-[19:31:26 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: just kick back and hope he doesnt target you
[08/07/2012]-[19:31:34 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: no.
[08/07/2012]-[19:31:38 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: you will mess up
[08/07/2012]-[19:31:40 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: if you do that
[08/07/2012]-[19:32:30 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: sup
[08/07/2012]-[19:32:59 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: yes.
[08/07/2012]-[19:33:07 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: knew it.
[08/07/2012]-[19:33:21 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: why
[08/07/2012]-[19:33:37 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: lol
[08/07/2012]-[19:33:42 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: tim did it easier.
[08/07/2012]-[19:33:54 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: nope
[08/07/2012]-[19:33:56 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: scared him.
[08/07/2012]-[19:33:58 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: lol
[08/07/2012]-[19:34:07 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: you guys muted tim to scare him.
[08/07/2012]-[19:34:12 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: so tim payed back.
[08/07/2012]-[19:34:18 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: scared him
[08/07/2012]-[19:34:22 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: he wants to quit
[08/07/2012]-[19:34:24 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: i guess
[08/07/2012]-[19:34:31 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: seans gone
[08/07/2012]-[19:34:34 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: lol
[08/07/2012]-[19:34:36 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: tim got 914m
[08/07/2012]-[19:34:44 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: mhm
[08/07/2012]-[19:35:00 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: ill ip u rite now
[08/07/2012]-[19:35:11 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: thats rite
[08/07/2012]-[19:35:39 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: lol.
[08/07/2012]-[19:35:42 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: you cannot scare me.
[08/07/2012]-[19:35:53 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: no
[08/07/2012]-[19:35:56 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: u cannot have it.
[08/07/2012]-[19:36:07 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: ::ipban kemal kaplan


[08/07/2012]-[19:13:59 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: convicted of it
[08/07/2012]-[19:14:29 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: the dragon and the shield
[08/07/2012]-[19:14:30 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: and we cool
[08/07/2012]-[19:15:34 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: shield
[08/07/2012]-[19:15:35 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: and dragon
[08/07/2012]-[19:15:55 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: got ne legs?
[08/07/2012]-[19:16:13 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: completely
[08/07/2012]-[19:16:16 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: your fucking pissing me off
[08/07/2012]-[19:16:18 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: just by fucking around
[08/07/2012]-[19:16:22 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: i got shit to do blood.
[08/07/2012]-[19:16:23 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: fuck no
[08/07/2012]-[19:16:26 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: the armour and the shield
[08/07/2012]-[19:16:47 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: shield to.l
[08/07/2012]-[19:16:56 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: yes
[08/07/2012]-[19:17:08 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: yes.
[08/07/2012]-[19:17:11 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: stop fucking with me.
[08/07/2012]-[19:17:21 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: kk
[08/07/2012]-[19:17:34 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: lets go
[08/07/2012]-[19:17:38 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: no its not no fucking joke!
[08/07/2012]-[19:17:42 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: bitch stop fucking with me.
[08/07/2012]-[19:18:01 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: fuck no
[08/07/2012]-[19:18:04 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: im not fucking kidding
[08/07/2012]-[19:18:57 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: shield!
[08/07/2012]-[19:18:59 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: get room!
[08/07/2012]-[19:18:59 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: fuck!
[08/07/2012]-[19:19:23 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: hurry the fuck up
[08/07/2012]-[19:20:13 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: hurry up dude
[08/07/2012]-[19:20:18 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: ty
[08/07/2012]-[19:20:19 PM]: [98.176.XXX.XXX]: ill leave u alone


[08/07/2012]-[19:08:54 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: steven should i give it to him
[08/07/2012]-[19:09:15 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: enzo help he is blackmailing me or i will die
[08/07/2012]-[19:10:01 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: but i like my armour and shwild
[08/07/2012]-[19:10:10 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: what
[08/07/2012]-[19:10:50 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: this is just a prank
[08/07/2012]-[19:11:15 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: no
[08/07/2012]-[19:11:48 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: jelp enzo
[08/07/2012]-[19:12:25 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: is that story true
[08/07/2012]-[19:12:38 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: yes
[08/07/2012]-[19:12:59 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: in real life
[08/07/2012]-[19:13:15 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: did you go to jail
[08/07/2012]-[19:13:47 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: so you are a criminal
[08/07/2012]-[19:14:45 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: how about money
[08/07/2012]-[19:16:08 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: are you sure
[08/07/2012]-[19:16:21 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: want anything else
[08/07/2012]-[19:16:53 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: will you leave me alone
[08/07/2012]-[19:17:05 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: are you sure
[08/07/2012]-[19:17:15 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: you better
[08/07/2012]-[19:17:32 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: is this a joke
[08/07/2012]-[19:17:38 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: or
[08/07/2012]-[19:17:57 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: you won;t say i was kidding and take the armour
[08/07/2012]-[19:18:40 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: no roomthis good
[08/07/2012]-[19:18:51 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: is this good
[08/07/2012]-[19:19:48 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: kemal is thsi the right decision
[08/07/2012]-[19:22:08 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: no if i didn;t give stuff he kill me
[08/07/2012]-[19:27:05 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: why
[08/07/2012]-[19:27:17 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: why you steal
[08/07/2012]-[19:27:36 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: no
[08/07/2012]-[19:27:50 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: you were testing me
[08/07/2012]-[19:28:29 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: then why and you saying give stuff to the skill
[08/07/2012]-[19:29:06 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: how hw find people
[08/07/2012]-[19:29:34 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: how does he find people
[08/07/2012]-[19:29:49 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: so i am safe
[08/07/2012]-[19:30:25 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: but i gave him stuff
[08/07/2012]-[19:30:56 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: what do i do
[08/07/2012]-[19:31:30 PM]: [173.87.XXX.XXX]: call cops


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Posts : 230
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Age : 22
Location : San Diego, California

PostSubject: Re: Stevens Appeal   Tue Jul 10, 2012 4:40 am

That is crazy. Well i replied. Ill agree to your thing.
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PostSubject: Re: Stevens Appeal   

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Stevens Appeal
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