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 [REPORT] Ppipoka

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Posts : 230
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Age : 22
Location : San Diego, California

PostSubject: [REPORT] Ppipoka   Fri Apr 06, 2012 5:31 pm

I am steven, The Administrator of Psychoscape. I had to take forceful action upon A player. This is my report.


Ingame name: Steven

Rank: Administrator

Rule breaker: Ppipoka

Reason: I have not seen him on the server before, He wasnt even 126. Yet he had 2 chaotic crossbows, Chaotic maul, Chaotic longsword, AGS, Dbow and dragon claws. When i see someone that i have not seen on this server before. With about 5 bill. it raised my suspision.

Infomation about the situation: I was mining at the skilling zone. A guy by the username ppipoka confronted me asking me for a partyhat. or to sell him a partyhat. I was not going to give him this. I am a fairly cool person. i wasnt going to freak out over him asking me for items. But then it got exessive, As youll see in the pictures i told him "Could you do ::rules and read me the 2nd line" He didnt he replied with howmuch is a partyhat. Then he had this own little moment of showing off his items. Which contained over 5Billion of worth. i then started asking him where did he get these items, but he wouldnt comprehand what i was speaking to him. It was as if when i asked him somthing, He wouldnt stop until i asnwered him first. he gave me no straight reply. he seemed he was trying to dodge asnwering that question that i asked him. I know he didnt earn 5bill that quick. And we already have another person on the server thats giving out free items. it must have came from milan, But thats a different story/Report. leading to me jailing ppipoka, Then getting no where with one on one conversation, I killed him in the wild and took his items which he had NO Right to posses. The items that i have gotten from ppipoka contain " 2 Chaotic crossbows, 124 dragon arrows, 1 dark bow, 1 Armadyl godsword, 1 dragon dagger 1 dragon gauntlets,1 chaotic staff, one COMPLETE Infinity set, 1 veracs top, 1 veracs skirt, 1 veracs helm, 1 fury, 1 dragon claws, 1 anti dragon fire shield, 381 blood runes, 353 death runes, 1 dragon boots and 90,847,898 Coins." That was the drop. and he kept a few items on death which would be the chaotic maul and the chaotic longsword i believe it is. ============THESE PICTURES WERE TOOKEN AFTER ITS ALL FELL INTO PLACE THESE PICS ARE THE CHATLOGS OF WHAT HAPPEN===


=== I Did not want to ban anyone. I get no enjoyment out of banning someone. I hate banning people. but he had that much and he wouldnt even tell me where he got 5b from. ALSO THE ITEMS THAT I GOT I WILL BE GIVING TO SILENT CORE OR HUNTERMAN450 I AM NOT KEEPING THESE ITEMS!
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I skill duh

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PostSubject: Re: [REPORT] Ppipoka   Fri Apr 06, 2012 8:09 pm

Good report we need people like this off the server

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Posts : 230
Join date : 2012-04-03
Age : 22
Location : San Diego, California

PostSubject: Re: [REPORT] Ppipoka   Sat Apr 07, 2012 1:11 am

I try my best to fill out a correct report. To avoid confusion and to get the job done. Hes not ipbanned its just his rich account.
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PostSubject: Re: [REPORT] Ppipoka   

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[REPORT] Ppipoka
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