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 Barrows Minigame guide by: Dubkaos

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PostSubject: Barrows Minigame guide by: Dubkaos   Sat Mar 17, 2012 5:54 am

a guide about barrows

requirements :
at least 43+ prayer so you can use all protections
a decent combat level to speed up the fights
and the best melee or range armour you can afford

to get started :
this is what your inventory should look like:

an extreme pot set
5 super restore potions
19 shark
and a spade ( you can get at barrows)

getting there:
now to get there you go to magebook and click the minigames teleport , then click barrows
to get to the barrows minigame:

once you are there you could click the crate to get a spade if you did not have 1 yet

the barrows brothers:

there are 6 barrows brothers in total

dig on each hill to get teleported to 1 of the barrows brothers:

ahrim : when you fight ahrims you need to pray magic or he will do allot of damage on you
but when u protect mage he shouldnt be too hard to kill
kharil : for kharil you just protect range so he doesnt hit you , he should not be too hard to kill
dharok: protect melee is needed for dharok or else he will hit harder the lower he gets,
but he should not be hard to kill with protect melee on
guthan: just like dharok's protect melee so he can not hit you , should not be hard to kill
torag : just protect melee against him , he will take a bit longer to kill because of higher defence
but thats all
verac : now for verac you will need some food because he can hit trough prayer ,
still adviced to use protect melee against him , but watch out for his hits trough prayer , they can go pretty high


Verac's Helm
Verac's Brassard
Verac's Plateskirt
Verac's Flail

Dharok's Helm
Dharok's Platebody
Dharok's Platelegs
Dharok's Greataxe

Ahrim's Hood
Ahrim's Robetop
Ahrim's Robeskirt
Ahrim's Staff

Torag's Helm
Torag's Platebody
Torag's Platelegs
Torag's Hammers

Karil's Coif
Karil's Leathertop
Karil's Leatherskirt
Karil's Crossbow

Guthan's Helm
Guthan's Platebody
Guthan's Chainskirt
Guthan's Warspear

barrow gloves
Blood Runes
Death Runes
Chaos Runes
Mind Runes
Bolt Racks

this was my barrows guide Smile hope this helped you out
if you get any other reward let me know so i can put it in the rewards
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PostSubject: Re: Barrows Minigame guide by: Dubkaos   Mon Feb 25, 2013 7:55 pm

Hello Yeh its nice guide. BUT why barrows minigame dont work becuse i cant tele. Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Barrows Minigame guide by: Dubkaos   Mon Feb 25, 2013 7:55 pm

Ohh and it would be good when u add rates to rewards Thank you Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Barrows Minigame guide by: Dubkaos   

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Barrows Minigame guide by: Dubkaos
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